Pea & Butternut Coconut Curry Served with Rice

First I have to share my numero uno (yeah I speak Spanish…..if you watched as much Dora the Explorer as I do -courtesey of Zizmaroo, then you would habla español too!!). As I was saying,my numero uno tip for peeling butternut squash is….microwave butternut for 30 seconds- 1 minute (depending on the size of your squash) this will make the rock hard skin acquiesce to your knife like an eager telenovela starlet (lets call her Juanita she plays the maid) to the leading man (we’ll call him Don Miguel- the devilishly handsome Owner of the Hacienda who was tricked into marriage by the Evil and conniving Esperanza)! ….I cannot fathom how anyone can stand to watch that visual vomit…..why can’t we all just watch progressive television, like the Real Housewives franchise, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta…. the L.A chapter is bit snooze inducing or even some program on Discovery science ( see how I threw discovery science, throwing you off the fact that I’m a reality T.V junkie whose sophisticated taste levels would not allow her to watch telenovela’s!!!)

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