Design Hadithi | Crave Kitchen ~ Kikuyu

In character, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity ~ Henry Longfellow


Design Hadithi | Crave Kitchen 31

Guys! I’m soooooo excited about a series – not the acting kind although there was a time when I had convinced my self that I could be Jack Tellers T.V wife, pray tell why is no one bringing back Sons of Anarchy???? Instead they are busy remaking series that no ones really interested in like Will & Grace, Fuller House (without the Olsen Twins no less!!!!). If you are a red-blooded female and you have no clue who I’m referring to then drink this tall cup of man candy thats Charlie Hunnam ….. and YOU ARE WELCOME… generosity is my middle name!

Charlie Hunnam.jpg

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I’ve just played out this skit in my head where Jax Teller is my waiter:

Jax: ” How would you like your eggs?”

Me:”‘FERTILIZED … scrambled”


Design Hadithi | Crave Kitchen 6

Anyway I digressed … So I was telling you how I’ll be sharing with you the Restaurants, Hotels, Cafes and other venues whose ambience and interiors I’m loving, the first one I did this month was a Mexican restaurant in Nairobi called Mercado, if you missed that post you can go here.  Today I share a little Gem, off the beaten track, called Crave Kitchen, it’s in Kikuyu Town which is approximately 20Km from Nairobi CBD. I first learnt of this place while randomly flipping through a magazine and I saw a few pictures of the place and I thought to myself – this looks interesting I should try it out – 12 hours later my sister Nelly calls me telling me of this place she was told about and that we should go check it out … the place? Crave Kitchen … of course this was followed by squeals of ‘I just saw that place in a magazine and are you a mind reader??? Get out of my head!!’. She and I went ate, ate some more marvelled at the cheap prices, delighted in the rustic decor… ate a little more … and when there was no more room we reluctantly left.

Design Hadithi | Crave Kitchen 7


In February this year is when I came up with the idea for this series and I knew Crave Kitchen was one of the places I would feature, so this time I made a date with my friend Lizzie Wizzie ↓↓ ↓↓

Design Hadithi | Crave Kitchen 25

I dragged my husband along because I needed a personal chauffeur, I had learnt my lesson the previous time we’d gone with Nelly I couldn’t get parking on the street front along the cafe and we had to drive around and park quite some a distance away! So chauffeur ↓↓ ↓↓ in tow, I set off, super excited because this was the first time I was using my camera off-site and I was still grappling with aperture speed, f-stops, and all the other things my You-Tube degree in DSLR photography had equipped me with!

Design Hadithi | Crave Kitchen 20

When I was taking this picture my hubba bubbs kept on insisting that I should capture his socks in the shot … so here you go bubbs your socks made the cut!!

Design Hadithi | Crave Kitchen 21

He had a light lunch as we waited for my date to arrive, he had battered chicken wings and fries … and promptly ditched me after he cleared these ↓↓ ↓↓ chicks … errr well, technically it was their wings! but still THE AUDACITY!! Lining up for my shnookie like chorus girls on broadway! Chicken Wings, HE IS TAKEN!

Design Hadithi | Crave Kitchen 5

↓↓ ↓↓ Much better!

Design Hadithi | Crave Kitchen 4

We sat on these two weathered antique captains chairs … I tell you I felt the presence of Baron Bror Blixen – Karen Blixens husband … yes, the one who gave her a title ~ Baroness aaaaand syphilis (I spit and rebuke that spirit!)! Thats how old I think the pair of captains chairs are!! … thats why when Lizzie finally got there we sat elsewhere!!! *more spitting and spirit rebuking*

The fact that the owner, who I met briefly gave all decor directives just speaks volumes to his cool factor … yes its a thing … much like a math factor is!

Design Hadithi | Crave Kitchen 28

Look ↓↓ ↓↓ at the character that the  painted zinc roofing sheets and the exposed trusses add to the place!

Design Hadithi | Crave Kitchen 26

I just love how effortlessly everything appears to be, nothing’s too precious but everything screams out –  ‘there’s an interesting story behind me!’.

Design Hadithi | Crave Kitchen 24

It’s really awesome how this place supports local artisans by letting them display their artefacts on their walls. All the art and bags you see on the wall are for sale.

What’s the best thing to put into a cake? Your teeth!

Design Hadithi | Crave Kitchen 8

Naturally Lizzie and I started with dessert ↑↑ ↑↑ … because we are now in our 30’s and our mothers can’t tell us to eat our meals before desert anymore!! IN YOUR FACES MOMS!!! My only qualm being a snooty coffee lover, was the instant coffee!

Design Hadithi | Crave Kitchen 13

Before you judge us look at these ↑↑ ↑↑ and tell me with a straight face that you’d take a pass! If you would or are the kind of person with enough self restraint to only eat half a cup cake, please take that negativity (and by negativity I mean your self restraint not the judginess!… and yes judginess IS a word, so is judge wudgy which is what you are!) your Judgy eyes and your yoga pants elsewhere!

Design Hadithi | Crave Kitchen 9

Can you believe my hubba bubbz had bought this phone band thingy ↑↑ ↑↑ (it’s probably not called that but I have no energy to google it! All I know is its a stretchy band that goes on the sides of your phone!) for our little Zizwhizz thinking it was a headband! 🤦🏾‍♀️. I actually walked in on him and Ziz ( + the package that the band thingy came in which clearly showed the band thingy around a phone, discarded to the side!) trying to figure out how to get it onto her head … and imagine all these years I thought he was the smarter one of the two of us!! Oh you should have heard all the explanations mansplanations he had when I pointed out the obvious!

Design Hadithi | Crave Kitchen 27

P.S: I couldn’t go to bed with this hanging over my head (unfortunately when it comes to my marriage I have no such qualms about  going to bed mad!). So I googled ‘band phone covers’ … results of rolling stone phone cases popped up … I tried  ‘phone cat ears’ results of bluetooth cat ear phones and cat ear phone cases popped up (Scrolling to page 2 … PAGE 2!!!!! of the google search did not yield any worthwhile results) … but you will NOT label me a quitter … unless you put me in a biostatistics class … or take me to a hot yoga class – then I start seeing the phonetic similarities between quitter and glitter and I think to myself ‘anything that sounds like glitter can’t be THAAAAAT bad! Anyway since a google search is neither statistics nor bikram yoga, I stuck to it and switched to image search and if this is the last contribution I give to mankind, then I am content!!! That pink thingy majigy↑↑ ↑↑ is called a silicone bumper phone cover!!! *DROP MIC* (is that a standing ovation?!) WHY! THANK YOU…AND YOU and WELCOME at the same time!

A mans character may be learned from the adjectives nouns he habitually uses in conversation ~ Mark Twain.

↑↑ ↑↑ Ive taken liberty and replaced adjectives with nouns … so if Mark Twain (albeit revised by Abida Buoro was right … what does my use of nouns like thingy say about my character?!

Design Hadithi | Crave Kitchen 12

I mean how did they even think to place a stained glass pane over a vent ?! how do you spell genius?!  Well, this stained glass debut hints at what lays beyond that ↑↑ ↑↑ light filled doorway? Let me take you there! ↓↓ ↓↓

Design Hadithi | Crave Kitchen 3

The room with these hodgepodge windows, and slatted doors is where Lizzie and I had our lunch … the light that was streaming through these windows was divine! There was a skylight right above us and it provided the perfect lighting for food photography. I highly recommend seating here rather than on the main floor… because remember those zinc roofing sheets whose charm I was waxing Lyrical about? Well as the day got hotter so did the main seating area of the cafe… and after digestion of Lizzies chocolate fudge cake and my blueberry lemon cake ‘starters’ had kicked in, the increasing temperatures had our oily skins produce a sheen that oddly resembled waxed cloth!

Design Hadithi | Crave Kitchen 14

I had fried pork and potatoes ↓↓ ↓↓

Design Hadithi | Crave Kitchen 18

and Lizzie had the pumpkin and tripes ↓↓ ↓↓

Design Hadithi | Crave Kitchen 17

As I ate my pork (and Lizzies Tripes under the guise of tasting) my eyes spotted this ↓↓ ↓↓ doorway on the same wall as the mural, what a difference framing it made!

Design Hadithi | Crave Kitchen 29

You have no idea just how delighted I was to realise that the squash on Lizzies plate, was spaghetti squash! Lizzie, I apologise for making your food go cold as I photographed your spaghetti squash ↓↓ ↓↓ at every angle between 1º-359º!

Design Hadithi | Crave Kitchen 19

If you’re ever in the neighbourhood / are looking for a place off the beaten track / or are trying to give a champers  experience 🍾🍾  of a keg budget (sorry there’s no keg emoji!) then I highly recommend Crave Kitchen!

Design Hadithi | Crave Kitchen 30

Since my hubba bubbs had hightailed his way out after the chicks and their wings affair, Lizzie and I took a matte back home … and of course that was the perfect selfie op!!

Design Hadithi | Crave Kitchen 32

I’ll end this post, with images of their scrumptious scones … POST SCHEDULED, now I go make myself a cuppa coffee!

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