Design Hadithi | Boudoir Tour!!!! ….& an unnecessary number of jewellery photo’s!


As promised! Today is bedroom tour day!!!! so you know what? I’ll share with you some fun fact about my self:

Things I have in common with a Victoria Secrets model:

  1. Being Hungry.

Room Tour 7

I just love creating vignettes throughout my home and my bedroom is no exception. The little chest you see on the window sill has some of my earrings, The black rock onto of it is obsidian rock, a couple of years ago I did some consultancy work for a hotel in Naivasha and the whole area had obsidian rock everywhere you looked! Fast forward a few years ahead and my lover and I are planning our wedding, we wanted customised rings and we actually drove all the way to Naivasha, had lunch at the aforementioned hotel and proceeded to collect obsidian rocks… for our stone settings. That is how I still have chunks of obsidian in my home! The candle holders were my moms, and I bought the mirror years ago from a carpenters along Limuru Road. The beaded basket is one of my favourite baskets and I got it from one of the curio vendors at the Westgate Mall and I consider it art so I keep it displayed.Room Tour 3This ⇑⇑ ⇑⇑ is my side of the bed and that is my ‘A’!. The lamp stand was actually in my childhood bedroom, it used to be mahogany tone but I had my carpenter white wash it and I got the lampshade from Noor Lampshades in Sarit centre. The lantern I got from Odds and Ends back when they were at the old space and they had the Bizarre Bazaar Section (It had GEMS!!). The Snake plant pictured, is a starter plant I would recommend to anyone whose toying with trying their hand at not killing a plant! It’s next to impossible to kill this plant it requires very little watering (sometimes I go fo two weeks without watering it!) and it can survive in a room with little light. If you want it to thrive though give it sunlight and water it every now and then, sit back and watch as your black thumb turns green like an elves costume! ( if your thumb is green and has an odour….run to hospital…how are you supposed to hitchhike without a thumb?!)Room Tour 4This is my lovers side of the bed (both our names start with A’s!), His taste in literature is nothing like mine!Room Tour 2

I am obsessed with white linen! I feel it just freshens up a room and makes a bed look hotel-chic!! The throw here is actually a wool poncho that does double duty!

Room Tour 1

The picture on the window sill was taken on our wedding day and I cannot recommend our photographer enough!!!! He was absolutely awesome!!!! Check him out David Kibe

Room Tour 10

Another work of art that I keep on display is my Soi Tote, which was gifted to me by artist extraordinaire Michael Soi, who is a genius, he addresses social societal issues using paint and canvas, check out his site, and if you are in Nairobi do yourself a favour and visit his workshop at the go-down arts centre. Even though this bag (BTW it’s made from the canvas that he paints on) wasΒ not made with me in mind I feel as though it was! I mean the afro, the larger than life sunglasses, the red lippie… If that’s not me then I need to go find myself!

If I’m honest with you I think all my bags are works of art… but If I displayed them all in my bedroom I might lose my husband (some really are big enough for him to disappear into…and yes I still call them handbags!!)Β and I really don’t want to become the crazy old bag lady that swears she once had a husband and 30 years later she’s still riffling through her bag hoard looking for him!

Room Tour 8

I love a wooly rug, keeps my toes toasty! If you’d like to grab yourself a snazzy rag, check out the Design Hadithi page on my site, or the Design Hadithi Instagram Page.

Room Tour 9

This oak French dining chair is from a set of 4, we moved houses a couple of years back and our previous home was much larger than where we are, I cannot fit a dining table with my current layout… but then again we’ve never been big on sitting around the dining table! Any way, I couldn’t bear to part with them, because I had hunkered after them for the longest and law and behold I got them from Palacina Interiors on sale!!! (Law of attraction people!). I also love to layer rugs, it adds dimension to a space.

Abida's Jewelry 10

I use my jewellery as art pieces for instance the necklace above ⇑⇑ ⇑⇑ is in my entry way and the one’s below are in my living room, so when I want to wear them I just grab them off the wall, and when I’m not wearing them they are on display… Now that’s what I call functional-wearable art!Abida's Jewelry 11



This ⇑⇑ ⇑⇑ is how I display my necklaces, this little nook is tucked away behind the door to our bedroom, and below ⇓⇓ ⇓⇓ is a slideshow of a few of my fave pieces.

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