Four Things I 🖤 – 5th March 2018 | Gratitude Journal

Everything has it’s beauty, but not everyone sees it ~ Andy Warhol

Thank you for joining me for another four things I’m loving post! This past week I have been loving:

⊱ཞ🖤 My new Plant Baby- A Stag Horn Fern  ཞ⊰

We have a new addition to the family, a stag horn fern… I have been ogling at stag horn ferns on Pinterest for the longest time and last week I was walking home and this gentleman was selling a bunch of air plants, I stopped, looked at this fern tried to haggle ( I use the word haggle loosely because once I saw it I knew it was coming home with me!) and the rest is history… she now hangs proudly on this previously unadorned wall, and I have to say she has me thinking of turning the entire wall into a green wall! Look at her!! Isn’t she lovely?!

Stag Horn Fern 2

Oh and you see the brownish tips at the bottom of the leaf? It’s not drying out! Those are actually spores!!! So thats how the fern reproduces, how cool is that?!

⊱ཞ🖤 The Bio Foods Kenya & Safari-Lounge - Barista Milk ཞ⊰

Last week I waxed lyrical about the Safari Lounge speciality coffee, in particular their espresso beans that are now my go-to coffee beans, this week I  am stoked to let you in on a secret… you can make our own coffee shop latte…without any coffee machine, you don’t even need one of those handheld frothers I’ve seen being sold ( I have unparalleled disdain for unnecessary kitchen contraptions, such as bread makers, salad spinners etc.!) Bio Food Kenya and Safari Lounge have teamed up to bring us the Barista Milk… Guys! with 3.7% butterfat content and 3.3% Protein content I tell you the end result is frothy heaven!!! Because when you incorporate air into it, this barista milk just turns my French press coffee into a Latte brewed in an Italian cafe!!!! I kid you not, it has taken my morning coffee to the next level…and until I can afford a  De’Longhi Eletta ($1,999.95) 🙆🏾‍♀️🙆🏾‍♀️ (but why are my eyes watering?!) or even a a De’Longhi Magnifica ($512.95)! 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️I am swearing by my way of making cafe lattes, which will cost you a pittance! So this is what I do:

Barista milk.jpg

I brew my coffee in my French press, then I warm my my Barista Milk, once it’s heated I pour the milk into one of my glass jars (if you missed my four things I’m loving post last week where I shared 1000098 things I do with glass jars, then you can check it out here!), I close the lid tight and I shake that baby (please don’t shake an actual baby!), what that does is it incorporates air into the  barista milk. I then pour the coffee into my mug, and top it with the frothy deliciousness from the glass jar and viola I have myself a cafe latte!

⊱ཞ🖤 That it's raining! ཞ⊰

Rain drops

It is raining in Nairobi and I loooooooooooooooove the rain!!! Heres why:

  • I love the smell of the soil when it rains,
  • I love that things bloom when it rains (Like this Nandi Flame ⇓⇓ ⇓⇓ which I’m fortunate enough to have the pleasure of getting watching it bloom from my living room window);

Blooming Nandi Flame

Even my potted golden palm is sprouting some new fronds!

Desiderata 2

  • I love curling up with a book and and some hot chocolate when it’s raining (it’s just not the same if you drink this when it’s not raining!!)
  • I love to sit on my balcony and watch the pelting rain
  • I love that when it rains, the field behind our home floods and all over sudden you would think we live on a waterfront property because frogs hatch and we are serenaded by croaking frogs and chirping crickets long into the night! (look closely at the picture with the Nandi Flame tree and you’ll see the early stages of the “pond”!)
  • I love jumping into puddles… and I’m so happy my daughter whose now 5 years, has re-ignited my inner child, because if it wasn’t for her, I don’t think I’d be jumping in any puddles a) because:

a) I’d be self-conscious and

b) because I’m just not cut out for life in a psych ward and I feel that If I was found gleefully jumping in a muddy paddle there’s a good chance of a 51/50 ( i.e. an involuntary psychiatric hold) happening!

⊱ཞ🖤 Pearls of Wisdom from my Mommy ཞ⊰

My mama passed on 10 years ago, and last week as I was photographing my new plant baby, I glanced at a copy of the desiderata that had been hers, and what I love the most about it is that years ago, when I was still young she had handwritten a message to me  on the back of the frame ( that’s why I chose not to reframe it after all these years) and I only saw it about a month or two after she had passed away, right when I was in a dark valley, and when I saw her message to me, the Desiderata – a poem by Max Ehrmann just spoke to me and uplifted me!

A copy of the Desiderata, with a handwritten message, given to Abida by her Mother.

Yes, you read right, she named me Tutsy…because when she was preggers she loved Tutti Fruity Ice-cream!

Re-reading her message again just warmed my heart!! So I’d love to share with you text from the Desiderata:

Desiderata .png

Signature 2