Four Things I 🖤 – 28th February 2018 | Gratitude Journal

⊱ཞ🖤 No. 1: Coffee ཞ⊰

I Love my morning mug of coffee! and when I say coffee, I mean freshly brewed coffee…scratch that I mean freshly ground (I miss that band!) and brewed coffee. I admit I have disdain for that instant coffee ish that’s masquerading as coffee. I suspect it is held with contempt just about everywhere except on a hiking trail or mountain top where there isn’t any alternative, you know what you can take a French press up a hiking trail so even thats not an excuse!

French Press Coffee 1

I love dark roast beans, the Java espresso beans were a favourite for the longest time and I preferred to get them from the coffee shop rather than from a supermarket because then you get the freshest beans… because they weigh out what you want from the bean supply that they use in-house, so it’s always fresh. French Press Coffee 2

But last year I discovered the Safari Lounge Dark Roast beans ( great for espresso) and I am in love!!! I only buy beans which I grind using my blenders chopper attachment.French Press Coffee 3

More often than not I’ll only have one cup of coffee a day unless I have a coffee date later on in the day or I’m out and about in this hot weather, then I’ll often pick up an iced coffee.French Press Coffee 4

A Latte is my kinda coffee… no sugar.

⊱ཞ🖤 No. 2: That What you nurture grows ཞ⊰

Remember this travellers palm… I had it outside my entryway where it clearly wasn’t getting enough light, I knew the problem was light because I was watering it at the right intervals and feeding it manure (nothing but organic for my plant babies!). I am getting major life lessons from this palm… that what you nurture grows… see I enlisted some girl power to move that 1000 tonne pot from the doorway to this sunny spot, continued feeding it my cow, horse and goat poop plant gourmet meals! kept watering it every two day…when the soil was dry to the touch and lo and behold!! A new leaf emerged!!! It’s so motivating to see fruits of your labour and this just refuels me and gives me the drive to keep at other things that I’m doing like writing, photography, staying healthy… sigh life lesson brought to you by the travellers palm!!

Recuperating travellers palm.jpg

⊱ཞ🖤 No. 3: Reusing glass jars ཞ⊰

I keep and reuse glass jars in my home, and with chutneys, olives, gherkins and jams being a house favourite around here, we have a bunch of glass jars! I’ve gotten to the point where I am no longer buying glass wear… so if you pop in and I serve you something in one of these jars, please don’t raise an eyebrow!

Yorghut in a re-used glass jar

This ⇑⇑ ⇑⇑ was an after school snack for Ziz, its yoghurt, with bananas,raisins,coconut flakes and honey. She’s the one drizzling the honey in this picture and she was not feeling this hand modelling job! She just kept on whining …can I have my snack now… to be honest it was warranted since this was probably picture no. 299, and I still didn’t like it (in the past I wouldn’t have shared it, but I’m learning that the search for perfection can sometimes be synonymous to procrastination!

Iced coffee in a re-used glass jar

This ⇑⇑ ⇑⇑ was an iced coffee I made the other day because… it’s been freakishly hot lately, what better way to serve it than in my re-used jar?!

homemade mayo in a re-used glass jar

This ⇑⇑ ⇑⇑ is some homage mayonnaise that I whipped up the other day… a first for me but it’s made it onto my list of things I’m loving! ⇓⇓ ⇓⇓

⊱ཞ🖤 No. 4: Home made mayonnaise ཞ⊰


I don’t know where to start, so exclamation marks seem like an extremely appropriate way to start a sentence! Now I had my sister from another mother – Shax, who happens to be chef extraordinaire whip up some mayonnaise for me last year… and at the time I only had some American mustard  in my fridge… I could literally see the foodie in her wince in pain as she squished that yellow gunk masquerading as mustard into the blender! But I kid you not the mayo was soooooooooooooo good, we finished it in less than two days! Ever since I’ve been meaning to give it another go and I don’t believe it took me this long to try doing making this ⇓⇓ ⇓⇓!

Homemade mayonnaise.jpg

Homemade whole egg mayonnaise


Homemade whole egg mayonnaise list of ingredients


Directions for how to make homemade whole egg mayonnaise

I turned this into aioli by mincing 3 cloves of garlic into  the mayo once it had thickened…  From start to finish, it took me about 8-10 minutes and it’s incomparable to store bought mayo, both in terms of taste and cost!

Thank you for joining me for another four things I’m loving post!!

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