Valentine Shmalentine…


Valentine shmalentine

⇑⇑  ⇑⇑Says the woman who receives this text ⇓⇓ ⇓⇓ from her husband on valentines day:

Hey love… I don’t do cliché stuff like be all over Valentine’s Day because for me each day is a celebration of your love… Happy Valentines 😍

Sigh! this man gives me the warm fuzzies 😍🤪🤩 and makes my toes curl backwards … when he isn’t making me want to voluntarily wear a straight jacket and commit my self to a looney bin 😡🤬🤯! My advice to you all ⇓⇓ ⇓⇓:

Get into a relationship as committed as skinny jeans are to my thick thighs.

Solid gold advice this is ⇑⇑ ⇑⇑! You can take it to a bank!

This valentines, I am:

Gifts I'm giving

I’ve never been one to be sucked in by marketing campaigns into buying valentine themed gifts… even though over the years I have received an uneccessary amount of tiny bears in mugs …enough for me to have hosted tea for a football team and their coach…and a few of their groupies!! Who even came up with the idea of putting a bear of very poor workmanship into a mug and gift wrapping it in clear wrapping paper with hearts all over it?! We were having a laugh over this with my friend Lizzie when she pointed out that  two times out of fourteen, the bears are glued onto the cup, so you really can’t use the cup… I guess I have to rescind my invitation to the groupies, it’ll just be the team and the coach! Oh and if you have no clue which bear I am referring to its this guy ⇓⇓ ⇓⇓ … it seems he moved from mugs to keychains!

Rose's flower stall 7.jpg

Please don’t do the cliché gifts! This year I’m personally gifting one thing:

I’m gifting a snake plant ⇓⇓ ⇓⇓ aka mother in laws tongue to my friends, I have one that is potted and I think there’s a steroid fairy (think tooth fairy who lifts weights and has an inverted pyramid figure) who pumps growth hormones into this plant while we are asleep because I’m always having to prune it… and I always use the cuttings as starter plants, but yesterday I caught up with my friend Charity, and we got to talking about gifting live plants instead of flowers, something that she noted to be common during her visits to Norway.

snake plant.jpg

(By the way Charity is an awesome artistic individual… and our conversations were punctuated with sooooo many me too’s!) Check out her instagram feed…I just want to pin it all! Oh! Oh! and her beautiful daughter Asali (thats honey in Swahili) is the brand ambassador for mimi authentic dolls (mimi is I/we in Swahili) which are dolls that are dolls fashioned after different Kenyan ethnicities… its always awesome when you have dolls or books with characters that our children can relate to…I would totally gift this to a child of any race because guess what…all our children interact they are in the same schools, they are friends and they’re all different beautiful races so, they will all relate to the mimi authentic doll!

I  will be pulling out excess foliage from my snake plant and replanting it in cans that I repurpose (I tend to do this a lot… so I keep my coconut/ tomato paste cans poke holes at the bottom  for drainage, spray paint them & toss in some soil mixed with manure ( I just do equal parts) and then I stick in the runner!

Who I'm appreciating

This valentines I am appreciating my flower vendors- I have 2 whose stalls I frequent, I live in Kenya and flowers here are actually cheap, and the choices you have are endless so you really have no excuse not to buy flowers regularly (unless flowers are not your thing). I tend to do it every fortnight, and I go for varieties that last atlas 10-14 days, if you are a gentleman try picking out something other than roses… talk to the florist/ the flower vendor … or send me an email (use the contact me tab up there, I’d be more than happy to give you some advice!). The point I was actually trying to make was, if you appreciate flowers, then don’t wait for a special occasion to buy them for yourself/someone, do it whenever!

I’d like you to meet my  two flower vendors ⇓⇓ ⇓⇓, and they allowed me to share their contacts so that you can place your orders if you’d like.


You can reach her on +254 (0) 721267854

Rose's flower stall 1.jpg

First up is Rose, Pictured here ⇑⇑ ⇑⇑, she is aptly named after a flower! Her Flower Stall is at the General Mathenge and Peponi Road junction in Westlands, she is awesome and ever so helpful, it doesn’t hurt that whenever I’m with my daughter, she always lets her pick a few random flowers and make her own Bouquet!

Rose's flower stall 2.jpg

Rose's flower stall 3.jpg

Rose's flower stall 4.jpg

Rose's flower stall 5.jpg



You can reach him on +254 (0) 713730144

Simon's flower stall 4.jpg

Secondly is Simon, you can find him at the junction of brookside grove and school lane, his knowledge when it comes to flowers is unparalleled, we’ve forged such a relationship to the point that if I passed by and he had stepped away I would just pick whatever I want and come back later to settle my bill.

Simon's flower stall 1.jpg

The other thing I loooove about him is that he re-uses old news papers to wrap the flowers you select, Unless you expressly ask for the plastic wrapping. I would encourage all of you to request your flower vendors to re-use old news papers rather than taking the plastic wrapping which will wind up in a bin somewhere!

Simon's flower stall 5.jpg

Simon's flower stall 6.jpgSimon's flower stall 8.jpgSimon's flower stall 9.jpg


Games i'm playing

We actually don’t own a television, this was never intentional … electricity went off, surged when it came back on and that was the death of our telly. We decided not to replace it, we get to spend more time with each other,  having actual conversations as a family… If I may confess, sometimes we retreat to our laptops/tablet and Netflix but more often than not we’ll project a movie, make some popcorn (caramel of course) and have a good old family night! Another thing we enjoy doing is playing board games popular in our household is snake and ladders & monopoly junior (can you tell who makes the decisions in our house hold?!… then she lets us think we are the adults!) oh and there’s chess but I have to confess… (is there a priest reading this by any chance? because this post is littered with confessions… not the Ursher Raymond kind) – back to my confession, my husband and I are google chess players, i.e we literally are on google/you tube for each move we make as our daughter stares at us exasperated!! You see she recently got a certificate for being proficient having mastered basic chess… meanwhile several months on these two adults with science backgrounds still need google to figure out which pieces make which moves!!! LIFE!

Which gives me the perfect Segway to a game I recently chanced upon, actually my husband did… It’s a memory game and it has 25 pairs of matching squares (these are wood on one side and a funky kitenge fabric on the other , so you pull one out and flip it over so that the cloth isn’t showing, then you pick search for the matching pieces and each time you pull out a tile that doesn’t match the one you had before you flip it over. So  you memorise the patterns as you are pulling them out, so that you’re able to finally match each pair. That was a really winded explanation, so I hope it makes sense…. its a memory game!

This will be a perfect game for our game night and I am exploring partnering with the inventor who lives in Lamu, which is where the game is made from! So keep your peepers peeled, This may pop up in Design Hadithi Soon!!!! Feast your eyes upon the chips!!!! and look at the chest the chips are in!!!… this is functional and doubles up as decor !!!! I am in all kinds of love with….  and I will end this post here… on that cliff hanger… stay tuned next Monday for my four things  I’m loving post!!!!!!!

Happy Valentines sign off