Abida’s Kitchen | Onion Fritter Rings

An onion can make people cry… but is there a veggie that makes people laugh?

Onion fritters.jpg

Todays slice of life advice, be an onion fritter or an onion ring if you want… you know what you can be both if you want to! (mind boggling right?!) Which is to say I started off intending to make some onion rings as an after school snack for my zizwhizz but the results were something between onion rings and fritters! which then provides the perfect Segway to…

If an onion ring and an onion fritter were to have a baby…then their off spring would be my onion fritter rings… as I type this, I have to admit I might have overdone the taste test! coz I’m about ready to pass out into an onion fritter ring baby coma! Let me hurry up and type this out before that actually happens!
Onion Fritters 2.jpg

Ingredients- Onion Fritters

NOTE: THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT – Before proceeding to make these onion ring fritters aka onion fritter rings aka … it is important that you have no sense of self control… dive into eat each fritter ring away the moment it emerges from the hot oil and hits your paper towel (maybe wait a second or three because, hot oil … how do I put this… it BURNS worse than an untreated STI (I would imagine)….time for me to insert my PSA  [If its been burning for three days when you pee, please stop wishing away, go see a doctor!]… If Alexander Fleming would se you now! he’d be nodding disapprovingly.

Alright then lets move right along!


  • Slice the onion into rings.
    Mix all the dry ingredients well toss the onion rings in and coat with the dry mixture.
  • Add water a Tbsp at a time and mix well, you don’t want the mixture to be runny it should be a tad bit sticky though (I know! I’m being very helpful!!)
  • Heat up your oil, drop in enough fritters so that your pan isn’t overcrowded, flip them over several times till they are nice and crispy then place them on a plate with a paper towel.
  • After that refer to the aforementioned ‘Note’.
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