Four Things I 🖤 – 5th February 2018 | Gratitude Journal

Find things beautiful as much as you can, most people find too little beautiful ~ Vincent Van Gough

🖤 No. 1: Mangoes

ITS MANGO SEASON!!! I love mangoes … mangoes and I are in a long term relationship! You know the kind where your luuurver Tommy Atkins (the mango variety I’m currently into!) goes away for months on end (when they are offseason) and  when Tommy Atkins come back into town season you are all over them like white on rice! Guys, eating the Tommy mangoes is an exercise in meditation for me! I will pick one up give it a once over clean it bless the entire production chain that enabled me to enjoy the mango, slice it up, eat the flesh off the seed, toss the seed in the bin then sit down to enjoy the mango slices…. and I soak up every sensation be it the juice that trickles down the side of my mouth or the sweetness as it hits the sweet spots on my tongue! All the while my eyes are shut just so I’m not distracted from the sensations I’m experiencing! Okay let me stop before you start thinking I’m a weirdo (which by the way I am!)


When it comes to Tommy, I do it in the morning, in the afternoon, I’ll do it on the kitchen counter…. in the entryway …in the car… I mean these mangoes and I are getting on in all sorts of locations!!!!

mango with chilli.jpg

I love this ↑↑ ↑↑ seasoning with my mangoes irrespective of how ripe they are! and its just 2 parts cayenne pepper to one part salt…. full disclosure though, I didn’t have any cayenne pepper when I was photographing this so I substituted it for Spanish paprika, and I have to say I was not mad at it, I mean it was missing that punch that the cayenne gives it but It was also pretty good!

🖤 No. 2: Design Hadithi Rugs

Squealing with excitement, I just curated the first batch of Design Hadithi thrifted rugs and I am looooooooooooving every single one of them!!!! Here are some of the rugs I shot over the weekend.

design hadithi rug.jpg

This is a blush pink 100% wool rug that I think will look bomb in someones room… I actually saw her post her bed with this furry blush pink pillows, do you think it would be presumptuous of me to send her a picture of this rug?!!!

design hadithi rugs.jpg

This Persian rug has the palest of pink tones and I am not a pink kinda girl but I LOOOOOOVE this, it’s much paler than it photographs. I am a fan of going against convention so I would have this in my kitchen or in a bathroom, because you wouldn’t expect to find a Persian rug in those spaces!!

I promise not all the rugs I’ve curated are have pink tones… actually these are the only ones with pink! The rugs will be debuting later on this week over at the Design Hadithi instagram page if you’re interested in purchasing them …. so keep your peepers peeled!

🖤 No. 3: Toto Wraps

When you’re a creative, I love how the universe conspires to have you surrounded with creatives! So I love Leah, (our kids are in the same school-that’s how we met)  founder of Toto Wraps, she makes sling baby wrap carriers … they have ring sling carriers, kikoy toto wraps, stretch carriers… the options are endless and scrolling through her instagram I can feel my ovaries pleading with me… have one more, imagine carrying them in that sling! But I have to remind myself to let my brain, not my ovaries make decisions!  Anywhoo she’s now making the prettiest kaftans… and she gifted me a kikoy kaftan with lesso accents that just screams WHITE SANDY BEACH ( a day before I was to travel to watamu!!! what are the odds?!) Unfortunately it din’t fit me and my tailor wasn’t able to make adjustments in time burrrrrt I can’t wait to rock it! Check out the Toto Wraps Etsy page


I Love the colour, I love the tassels, I love the kikoy with the leso accents, did I mention I loooooove the tassels??!!

The attention to detail is incredible I mean the waist cincher is lined with the same leso fabric that you see on the outside↓↓ ↓↓! It’s those little things that win me over!



🖤 No. 4: My Plant Babies

I loooooooooooooove my plant babies, I consider myself to have a green thumb even though every now and then I’ll kill something! Gardening is truly therapeutic for me, I just enjoy taking care of my plant babies – I’m an organic plant mommy, I only feed them compost (from my kitchen) or manure, and I concoct my own organic pesticides with items I have at home, so no fertilisers or toxic pesticides for my plants!

Spider plant.jpg

I planted this ↑↑ ↑↑ spider plant in an empty 900g tomato paste can and it has flourished!!

Once a month, I labour to get the potted plants to the bathroom ,just so that they can take a ‘Shower’. Go ahead and laugh at me but it does them a world of good, especially since they don’t get to enjoy rain since they’re indoors! All the dust gets washed and I kid you not they just look happier after the shower!! Last year I sprained my back attempting to carry my snake plant to the shower! and I was in pain for a good 8 months!!!! I sprained my back for a plant!!!


Last week my friend Lizzie came by and I commandeered her into helping me move my banana leaf palm travellers palm ↓↓ ↓↓ from my entry way where it was really suffering because there was barely any light, and then in true proud plant mommy style I started rattling off all the milestones the various plants had reached, how many strawberries we had harvested (over 60 from the pot pictured above!!!!), how this plant was looking sickly and that one had surprised me by flowering at which point she said “You should do a post about your plants” So here I am! I will keep you up to date on how my efforts to nurse the travellers palm ↓↓ ↓↓ is going, but I think she’ll do well now that she’s by a window with lots of natural light steaming in!

Travellers Palm.jpg

I loooove this philodendron ↓↓ ↓↓, when I first got her the had two tiny leaves and I did not imagine she’d flourish into the queen she is today!! To the right is the rubber fig, she loves a lot of sunshine… which I learnt after I moved her from my living room to the balcony when all over sudden she was sprouting new larger leaves at an  alarming rate! Now she’s top heavy so I’m training her with a some fishing line that I’ve tied to the railing!


And thats my four favourite things from last week! I’d love to hear  what your 4 favourites were! Thanks for reading.

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