Ladies Who Brunch

 I never drink coffee at lunch. I find it keeps me awake for the afternoon. -Ronald Reagan

Ladies who brunch rarely need therapy!!!
Ladies who brunch rarely need therapy!!!


So Its a Friday,  Pookie bear and our little Zizmaroo are well on their way South towards Mombasa for some Papa and Daughter bonding and I was on ‘Mommy sans baby and booboo for the weekend‘ mode. My good friend Lister texts me….breakfast or lunch? and i quip back why not both? lets brunch!

Now the house is wonderfully silent …*appreciative sigh*… so my mind wonders to what I brunch-y outfit I will wear; that will look good with the sandals I recently got from a duty free outlet while in transit; how i would have hours and hours to chat with Lister and get into introspective conversations about the role we play in the universe; How we’d shop ourselves silly (read as: shop within our budgets like the mature adults that we are!..not?)…Yes one can be shallow and deep at the same time! So the life altering question was put on the table, she and I are young professionals doing well in our careers so how are we contributing to humanity? where to brunch?! Obviously on account of my non existent cobweb draped social calender! I wasn’t of much help but Lister had two options and long story short i had no choice in the matter …so much for options she is such a militant!… it was decided that the ladies who brunch would grace Urban Eatery


Now where do I even begin…the decor, the rustic tree brunch coffee tables, the peacock chairs nestled in one corner…as I type this I realise I should have taken photo’s…hindsight! We got a lovely server called Muuka who was so gracious and helpful ( she seemed willing to help me get one of those tree trunk tables to go! in my book that makes you intergalactically cool and awesome!! )

Ooooooiiiiii! this post is becoming longer than I had intended so let me skip right to the FOOOOD. We would have ordered everything on the menu….but we don’t have black cards so we had to contend with a slightly “smaller ” selection of:

Iced Caramel Latte

BELGIAN WAFFLES: They serve their classic Belgian waffles with fruit salad, apple syrup and whipped cream (with a swirl of chocolate syrup)… and look at the view of Westlands it provided the perfect backdrop for out chat!

Brunch with a view

We need to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles, work. Or waffles, friends, work. Doesn’t matter, but work is third.” ― Leslie Knope

Belgian Waffles
Belgian Waffles

From their Omelette Bar, we had the THE CLUB OMELETTE: a three-egg Omelette made with sautéed mushroom baby spinach & gouda cheese. Served with a grilled tomato


The salad selection had our names all over the SHRIMP, AVOCADO & ROASTED CORN SALAD so thats what we had: It is an amazing combination of Romaine and iceberg lettuce mixed with chunks of avocado, roasted corn, sautéed shrimp and crispy bacon…that shrimp was nothing short of perfection!


If at this point you are trying to figure out if we had invited the women’s guild to brunch with us…NO it was just the two of us! And this one here (follow the red arrow below) ate most of it…don’t let her size fool you!


Finally. we had the Iced caramel coffees [ cue in *Peter Gabriel’s- The book of Love*….for all the scrubs fans…as if the show ending  wasn’t  enough to make us suicidal 😖 …they had to play THIS this song in the final episode 😢😭! ] every time I took a sip the song looped in my head !!!]…how would I describe the iced caramel coffee in one word; MOUTH-GASM! OH! and the presentation! they were served in carafe’s…Genius… Ranks right up there with Einstein’s Theory of relativity if you ask me! 


Take pleasure in life’s little gifts, for instance that first sip of coffee; good conversation; the warmth of sunshine on your skin… – Abida Buoro

20150501_121554We sat down to brunch at 11am, it took us as 3 hours to eat our way through the spread- our serious conversations *read as guuuurrrl talk* interrupted the eating bit, hence the three hours, but after that we could have easily gone without another meal for the day…but being the foodies we are…we found ourselves in Mediterraneo Restaurant for dinner! more on that in another blog post!


It was a wonderful brunch, the setting was wonderful, but the company I had was what made it special. Thank you for the tête-à-tête Lister.